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Shakti Astrology is a well-known distinguished astrology center in California. With divine knowledge and passion for the astrology of our Founder Shri. Venkat Rudra, a certified astrologer, and mythologist have been the key resource for liberating many household problems.He specializes in a number of areas such as Vedic astrology, birthday astrology, horoscope reading, birth chart, natal chart, astrology compatibility, and many more. Coming from a family of Astrologers, his predictions are precise outcomes and assist in facing problems through spiritual and physical solutions.He is the best astrologer in California, the USA with the most problem-solving cases. He has accomplished high command over spiritual healing techniques & the results achieved so far are fantastic and notable. His motto is to liberate you from all worries that hold you back and help you achieve a peaceful and joyful life. Our astrology consulting services are unique as it bridges the gap between Vedic wisdom and modern scientific logic to solve every problem of life.Shri. Venkat Rudra is the famous Vedic Astrologer in the USA and helps people by giving solutions to marital problems, financial problems, business problems, love-life problems, childless couples, etc. He has his clients from all over the USA and from all walks of life starting from college students, housewives, corporate employees, doctors to big businessmen. Venkat Rudra has the solution to all your problem.If you are facing any issue in your life then don’t delay it. Contact Shri. Venkat Rudra today to get rid of all your hardships in life.