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You can do Navagraha Pooja at home to eradicate any negative effects of the nine Grahas, to improve the quality of your personal and professional life, to receive blessings from the Navagrahas or nine planets, to keep bad luck and calamity at bay, and to achieve salvation or Moksha. The nine major planets are known as the Navagrahas. They are said to play a significant part in determining man’s fate. The name Navagraha comes from the Sanskrit words Nava, which means nine, and Graha, which means planet. Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangal (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu, and Ketu are the Navagraha Gods. The Lords of these planets are known as Navagrah Puja, and they are worshipped in practically every facet of Hinduism, from basic pujas to extravagant yagnas or weddings. Worship of these gods results in blessings such as protection and success in various endeavors.Benefits / Importance of Navagraha Pooja:
  • Planets are powerful divine creatures, and worshipping them can protect us from harm and bring us good fortune. The planets’ protection and blessings can be obtained through the Navagraha Pooja. This can assist in the removal of negativity and the addition of positive vibes in one’s life.
  • Strength and courage, control over opponents, success and renown, health and prosperity, and remission from chronic ailments are all promoted by Sun (Surya) worship.
  • Moon worship (Chandra) is extremely useful for mental serenity, a charming personality, excellent emotional control, riches, celebrity, and life success.
  • Mars(Mangal) worship provides great health, money, power, and prosperity in life, as well as lowering the risk of accidents, robberies, fatal attacks, and imprisonment.
  • Worshipping Mercury (Buddha) bestows intelligence, commercial success and expansion, money, and alleviation from ailments affecting the nervous system and body processes.
  • Jupiter (Guru) worship purifies negative and negative emotions and bestows virtuous power and valor. Health and longevity, as well as good education and philosophical talents, riches and fortune, progeny blessings, and religious blessings, are all strengthened by this puja.
  • Venus (Shukra) worship brings healthy and strong love and relationships, long life, money and opulence, advances in education and art, and the median eminence. Lovely children and a well-rounded sense of domestic bliss.
  • Saturn(Shani) worship fosters mental calm, health happiness, and prosperity, and is particularly useful for decreasing the severity of adversity.
  • Longevity, increased power, a deep and discriminating understanding of things, and a great social reputation are all benefits of Rahu (Dragon’s Head) worship.
  • Worship of Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) increases the devotee’s health, riches, luck, domestic bliss, and overall prosperity, as well as lowers the possibilities of property loss and death due to harmful chemicals.